rengganis campsite
rengganis campsite

Term And Condition

Welcome to Rengganis Campsite, the ultimate destination for an unforgettable outdoor adventure! To make your experience safer and more enjoyable, we have a number of rules and regulations that need to be followed. Please read them carefully:


1. Registration and Check-In :

  • All visitors are required to register and check-in before entering the campsite area.
  • Check In at 14.00 WIB
  • Check Out at 12.00 WIB
  • Close Order at 22.00 WIB
  • Inform the officer of any changes in plans or special needs.

2. Facility Usage :

  • Use campsite facilities wisely and according to instructions
  • Did not bring active speakers / karaoke with active speakers
  • Not use property that has been rented by other campers
  • The size of the tent is in accordance with the designated lot area, which is 5m x 7m. If the tent used exceeds the lot limit, an Oversize Lot charge will be charged.
  • If there is damage to Rengganis Campsite property then a replacement charge is charged, damage such as: Broken, Torn, Broken, Dirty (Oil Stains, etc.)
  • Be sure to extinguish campfires and turn off lights when not in use to support environmental sustainability.

3. Cleanliness and Environment :

  • Always keep the campsite clean and dispose of trash in its proper place.
  • Do not store dirty property inside the tent
  • Avoid damaging the surrounding nature and wild animals. We are committed to nature conservation
  • Not littering
  • Do not throw anything into the river

4. Security :

  • No smoking in the tent
  • Keep your valuables safe and avoid leaving valuables in tents
  • Adhere to the track and designated areas. Do not enter dangerous areas

5. Nighttime Order :

  • It is expected to maintain quietness at night so that other visitors can rest in peace.
  • Crowd Limit Time / Quiet Period 22.00 WIB
  • Silent time starts at 22:00. Please understand and cooperate with all visitors

6. Pets :

  • If bringing a pet, be sure to follow the rules and make sure the animal is kept under control and does not disturb other visitors
  • guests must request permission to bring pets and indicate the type of animal.
  • animal owners respect and care for the comfort of other visitors
  • pet owners must maintain order
  • Pets must be in good health and vaccinated.
  • Pets are not in LOOP (especially female dogs)
  • bring equipment to clean dirt
  • Use a leash
  • Bring a trained pet

7. Emergency Evacuation :

  • Know the location of evacuation points and follow evacuation instructions in emergency situations

8. Cooperation with Officers :

  • Obey instructions from campsite personnel for mutual safety

By abiding by these rules, we are sure that every experience at Rengganis Campsite will be a memorable one. Please enjoy your adventure and feel free to ask our staff if you need any assistance or additional information. Thank you for your cooperation!

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